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Tavolo Rental started as a challenge to build farm style tables for my sister’s wedding as a gift to avoid her having to rent subpar tables.  I spent days figuring out the perfect build and design to a strong, quality table with a finish that would allow the wood to speak for itself. The concept I wanted was “tables that dad would have built”. After the wedding I realized this “gift” needed to be shared with others, which lead to Tavolo Rental.  As the owner/founder of this small company, I cannot wait to share this experience.  I’m looking forward to exploring your ideas. - Nic Anderson


Tavolo Rental came alive from the idea of bringing quality to the forefront of the rental industry. Our company provides more than equipment, furniture, and décor; we strive to provide the foundation of any event through our quality products and service excellence. Tavolo Rental is a local Utah company looking to serve the community for years to come.


Tavolo Rental seeks out industry professionals who have been trained in the art of customer service and have years of experience within the luxury hospitality industry.  Collectively, we venture to provide the best possible rental experience our customers could receive.

Photo By: Abigail Keenan


Nic Anderson

Director of Operations & Creative

With the desire to share his love of woodworking with others, Nic spends most of his time using his hands to create. As Tavolo has grown, so have offerings and creations. A passion to learn new concepts, Nic is devoted to keeping the industry at its best.

Wyatt Oyler

Operations Lead & Media Specialist

Wyatt brings new ideas to Tavolo in ways of technology, organization, and keeping a positive work environment. Keeping up with the trends, Wyatt ensures Tavolo Rental stays relevant in social media and new processes to streamline our business to create a better working relationship with our clients. 


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